Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire more women to carry out more regular aerobic exercise whilst we raise awareness and funds for two charities that are so close to our hearts, the MS Society and Diabetes UK.

In addition to looking great on the high street, our leggings are suitable for walking, running, yoga, pilates, gym, zumba and much more.

Exercise can help you improve your blood sugar control, boost your overall fitness, and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. But diabetes and exercise pose unique challenges, too. To exercise safely, it's crucial to track your blood sugar before, during and after physical activity.

Any exercise that raises your pulse and increases your respiration rate offers many health benefits. Aerobics is a great way to boost your body’s natural defence system, ease symptoms of MS, and build stamina.

People who suffer from Diabetes or MS also have a greater risk of developing anxiety and depression and we want to inspire them to become more active and ease their symptoms.

We also hope that non sufferers will support our mission as we attempt to make a difference.